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We love the feeling of meeting new people traveling around the world and we are very excited that this comes out of our work. Its best part is that it captures the beauty and transmits intense feelings like happiness and joy. Our goal is to offer the best wedding experience, adapted to your taste and expectations. We want to be honest and authentic! Your wedding might only last one day but the videos and photos will live forever with you and your loved ones! You are the ones that give us the chance to make our vision real through the depiction of your dreams. Together we can create the the most beautiful film for the most amazing day of your life...

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Weddings / Events

A wedding is a celebration of love and feelings. A moment that captures the essence of your entire life. The reflection of your life in one day! It is a time when all your friends and family come from all over the world to celebrate your commitment to life. 

Video / Photo / Drone

We provide video and photography services of wedding events (pre wedding, couple's preparation, vows, after party, the day after) baptism events (pre baptism, baptism, celebration), proposals etc, whether they are small or large productions...

Professional Equipment

Strictly professional equipment, previous experience and willing to provide you a desirable result.


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Ζoe & Lewis

Zoe's and Lewis's wedding at the most beautiful island of Greece was fantastic. Families and friends were present for this unique day. The night ended with a big party where the couple as well as the guests had an amazing time.

Akis & Maria

A dynamic black and white teaser of Aki's and Maria's wedding with intense emotions...

Xrhstos & Aggeliki

Xrhstos's and Aggeliki's wedding was as impressive as the boat tour they took at sunset...